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Thing learned: even when busy, explicitly devote the last half hour of the day to cleaning up and posting about what I did, because otherwise it’s not going to happen. It’s been a rough few weeks, sorry.
  • Worked on various parts of the dissertation. I moved all methodology and lit review parts to the Introduction in order to simplify the whole thing’s structure - now I have chapter 1 on how dojinshi exchange works, chapter 2 on how it’s a hybrid economy, and chapter 3 on how we can interpret them as open source goods. Bam. Enough.
  • Did a lot of reading for methodology section on modular design of research (both process and output) and making the data reusable. It’s reaffirmed my determination to keep the main text of the dissertation short, but do everything possible to make the text and underlying data easy to share and reuse. That’ll help both me and others a lot more than if I just locked myself up for the next four months and wrote six hundred pages.
  • Did a fuckton of administration and application-writing because I have to prepare documents for a job application with deadline at the end of this month. It’s honestly exhausting and I’m a bit alarmed by how much dissertation writing time it’s been eating up, but on the other hand, it’s forcing me to think very hard about what kind of researcher and teacher I want to become. That’s good.
  • Preparations for the job application include yet more updating of my publications in the university’s research repository. This is the administration thing that never ends, which is very annoying, but it’s also kind of fun that I keep discovering things I did that I can add in there. For instance, it turns out that I’m allowed to add not just my translations of academic articles, but also translations of fiction, meaning that I can add in manga translations. Of which I did about sixty, meaning that my publications list is going to triple over the course of this weekend. *mad cackle*
  • In all seriousness, though, I have no idea why it never occurred to me before that I should add this stuff to the list of things I’ve accomplished in life that would make me qualified for a uni job. It’s like these translations are not serious things that matter in my head. But they are - I worked hard on every single one of them, they are all 200-page books with ISBN numbers and everything, they prove my Japanese ability, etc etc and so on. Of course they’re relevant when I’m applying for a job that involves Japanese and knowing about Japanese popular culture. Perhaps it’s that I made them as a freelancer, not in my capacity as an academic? A bit surprised at how alive that distinction is in my head, given the amount of time I spend going on about how connected academic activity is/should be with the world outside of it.
  • Attended a three-day digital humanities workshop where I heard a lot of interesting stuff and learned how to work with TEI. I’m not convinced that I can use TEI myself since close document analysis is not immediately my thing, but it’s important to know this stuff so I can pass it on to students (and hopefully colleagues lolsob).
  • Learned how to make posters because I’m doing my first poster presentation next week. Still not done. Aaaaaaaagh.
  • More stuff that I forgot. Will do more regular posts again.
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  • Added in more bits and pieces from my old Fanwork as a test case for open source cultural goods article. All done with that now, quite pleased/surprised at how much of it is still useful. I keep assuming that everything I think now is 80% different from what I thought two years ago, because that's how it used to be, but apparently I'm starting to stick firm to ideas. Probably what I'm supposed to do when less than a year a way from defending my PhD, so good.
  • Wrote bits and pieces of several sections, including the introduction, dojinshi as open source cultural goods, and the impact of viewing fanworks as open source cultural goods on fanwork-related issues.
  • Made some additions to the terminology list.
  • Spent ages fighting with the display of the terminology list and associated individual pages. I want to display links to Fanlore pages where I used the content on my own wiki, but the URLs won't show for some reason I honestly can't fathom. There's an underlying problem with my Semantic Mediawiki installation somewhere, because I made a mess of my properties and the wiki isn't even registering that there is such a property as a link to Fanlore. So it figures that it's not showing, I just don't know where the problem is. *cries*

Trying very hard to stick to a fixed amount of time for dissertation work every day, because right now I'm tiring myself out and constantly feel guilty for doing not-work things at pretty much any point in the day. (Not without reason, because I do spend a lot of time every day letting myself be distracted by not-work things.) I'm going to see if the Pomodoro method will help me stay on track. It worked very well for me for a while last year, but I slipped up and lost the rhythm at some point.

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Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday, I fell asleep.

  • Added about 40 words to the list of Japanese <-> English fandom terminology.
  • Answered three calls for papers.
  • Re-read digital_humanities (pdf) and added some quotes and structure to the methodology and tools sections based on that.
  • Updated front page of wiki with a longer message in Japanese after there was a sudden spike in visitors from there during the weekend. Many thanks to Yukiko Yokohata for language-checking the text.
  • Made arrangements to attend SGMS: Mechademia in Minneapolis at the end of September. Hoping to see many people there who were digital only up to now!
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Or more like the last three days, though I spent most of the weekend with the Pacific Rim novelization and nursing a sudden fascination for Herc Hansen. The novel is not very well-written, but it satisfied that fannish craving for ALL THE DETAILS.

  • Solved display issues with list of Japanese-English fandom terminology
  • Added quotes, sources, structure and/or random sentences to various pages, including research ethics, history of dojinshi, and the lit review (oh just see the recent changes page)
  • Added some quick Japanese to the front page of the wiki because there was a sudden flood of visitors from Japan after someone posted a link to it on 2channel. Whee!
  • Added comments section to main page of wiki in case people want to use that for general remarks. Not quite sure it's a good idea, but I can always remove it in the unlikely case that it's trolled by unhelpful people.
  • Read the Association for Internet Researchers' 2012 Ethical Decision-Making and Internet Research report for research ethics section. Good that there's an updated version of this, I only had the older version at the start of the research.
  • Re-gathered old sources on research ethics in fan studies. Can't find anything in Japanese though, just English. Hmmm.
  • Spent a lot of time trawling through Google Books and its suggestions to dig up Japanese how-to books about doujinshi and other fanworks that I hadn't found before. These books are so useful - they're basically "here are all the details about how doujinshi work, researcher person", and there are enough of them that you can get many different POVs. And the Japanese is accessible enough that I can read it very easily. I can read academic articles too, but they still require an amount of concentration that's just on this side of unpleasant.
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  • Got halfway through inserting bits and pieces from Fanwork as a test case for open source cultural goods into the right chapters on wiki. This article is much longer than I remember. Good, less dissertation text left to write then.

  • Began reordering chapter outlines to make the whole thing into more of a coherent story, and make sure it won't be too monumental a task to turn this thing into a book.

  • Discovered more layers of thrilling administration that have to be dealt with before I can get a PhD. Whoooo.

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  • Finally, finally finished uploading all presentations into university repository. Though I forgot to add keywords to several. I suppose I should go back and fix that.

  • Bibliography fiddling is paying off! Finally got a nice display and working import and export. Hopefully I can upload everything next week.

  • Read From Dissertation to Book by William Germano. Interesting but repetitive.

  • Re-read Fanwork as a test case for open source cultural goods, an old but highly relevant conference paper that never got published properly, and started chopping it into pieces that can go straight into the dissertation draft.

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  • Read those bits of Frederik L. Schodt's Dreamland Japan that are relevant to dojinshi research. Unfortunately for my ability to take this serious and quite useful book seriously, one of the first sentences I landed on was "At (the doujinshi convention) Super Comic City, however, I had the slightly disorienting but by no means unpleasant experience of being surrounded by tens of thousands of virginal females in their late teens and early twenties." (loc 480)
  • Added a bunch of sources on dojinshi to bibliography, tested various ways to import it into wiki. Am hoping to use the BibManager extension, but only if I can clean up the way it displays stuff (example of messy display).
  • Scrubbed some unnecessarily complex code from wiki templates and forms.
  • Finished reading 「同人界」の論理-行為者の利害-関心と資本の変換- (Logic of the fan community) by Nobushige Hichibe, now rereading to put quotes in wiki.
  • Added more presentations and publications to institutional repository while mailing to and fro with administrators on how to input things like translations of academic articles published in things that might be either books or journals. Apparently a lot of my output is weird.

Hoping to get more done tomorrow, today I tried to catch up on sleep and then friends came to visit.

...Tens of thousands of virginal females. Want icon.

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  • Added about 35 words to the glossary of Japanese <-> English fandom terminology.
  • Started reading 「同人界」の論理-行為者の利害-関心と資本の変換- (Logic of the fan community) by Nobushige Hichibe, which is about the motivations of doujinshi creators.
  • Added a few presentations to university repository. This took so much time that I left the rest of the presentations for tomorrow because I could feel my brain shriveling up. You'd think that since we have bibtex, all repositories or services aimed at academics would allow bibtex import and export, and we'd be done with endlessly hand-copying academic output to wherever it needs to be listed. I suppose that would be too convenient or something. (Academia.edu also has no bibtex import and export, by the way. A few other academic networking services can handle bibtex, but everybody in area studies and fan studies seems to be on Academia.edu. *grumble*)
  • Started work on the section on doujinshi exchange infrastructure, specifically doujinshi conventions. Not linking to wiki because the page looks weird because of a random baffling Semantic Mediawiki glitch. Nggggh. Really, I love learning new software, and getting to the bottom of Mediawiki myself instead of asking someone else to set up a wiki has taught me so much. But why does it always break. (Because I'm not good enough at Mediawiki administration yet, I know, but.)
  • Did a good deal of research on how to rework a dissertation into a book, sent inquiry to publisher to see how they feel about book manuscripts based on dissertations that have been published open access.
  • Agreed to submit something for Console-Ing Passions 2014, ruminated on good topic. Unfortunately too tired to ruminate properly today.
....I didn't sleep very well last night, can you tell. On the plus side, the heatwave in Belgium is over! Normal temperatures <3
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I was going to put these updates on my Tumblr only at first, but apparently people might like them here too. It always feels like these sorts of quick Tumblr updates are somehow not substantial enough for Dreamwidth or LiveJournal, but maybe crossposting here will encourage me to do more substantial things as well. Win-win?
  • Organized references to prepare dojinshi research bibliography for publication on wiki, probably get to that next week
  • Read Market Transformation in Transformative Works: The Effects of Introducing Incentives in Markets for Fanfiction by Hannah Yung
  • Had long discussion with advisor about research progress and publishing a book, agreed that I’ll submit the final text of the dissertation by April 2014. Not the half a year earlier than planned that other prof proposed, thankfully, but still, umm… five months earlier than I’ve been planning for the last three years. This is going to hurt.
  • Gathered list of CFPs for fall conferences to submit things to - must keep self motivated to write thesis bits in quick succession
  • Spent over an hour trying to figure out university repository rules because I need to upload all my stuff there as well for a job application. Sent helpdesk a long list of questions along the lines of “can I submit *newfangled online format* please because I did actually make it as part of my research activities". I was very unimpressed with the repository when it was launched a few years ago, but now it's much better and more informative about open access. (On the less handy side, they now work with a journal lookup system instead of letting you enter the name of the journal by hand, and of course TWC isn't in there yet.)


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