Aug. 13th, 2013

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Or more like the last three days, though I spent most of the weekend with the Pacific Rim novelization and nursing a sudden fascination for Herc Hansen. The novel is not very well-written, but it satisfied that fannish craving for ALL THE DETAILS.

  • Solved display issues with list of Japanese-English fandom terminology
  • Added quotes, sources, structure and/or random sentences to various pages, including research ethics, history of dojinshi, and the lit review (oh just see the recent changes page)
  • Added some quick Japanese to the front page of the wiki because there was a sudden flood of visitors from Japan after someone posted a link to it on 2channel. Whee!
  • Added comments section to main page of wiki in case people want to use that for general remarks. Not quite sure it's a good idea, but I can always remove it in the unlikely case that it's trolled by unhelpful people.
  • Read the Association for Internet Researchers' 2012 Ethical Decision-Making and Internet Research report for research ethics section. Good that there's an updated version of this, I only had the older version at the start of the research.
  • Re-gathered old sources on research ethics in fan studies. Can't find anything in Japanese though, just English. Hmmm.
  • Spent a lot of time trawling through Google Books and its suggestions to dig up Japanese how-to books about doujinshi and other fanworks that I hadn't found before. These books are so useful - they're basically "here are all the details about how doujinshi work, researcher person", and there are enough of them that you can get many different POVs. And the Japanese is accessible enough that I can read it very easily. I can read academic articles too, but they still require an amount of concentration that's just on this side of unpleasant.


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