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  • Added about 35 words to the glossary of Japanese <-> English fandom terminology.
  • Started reading 「同人界」の論理-行為者の利害-関心と資本の変換- (Logic of the fan community) by Nobushige Hichibe, which is about the motivations of doujinshi creators.
  • Added a few presentations to university repository. This took so much time that I left the rest of the presentations for tomorrow because I could feel my brain shriveling up. You'd think that since we have bibtex, all repositories or services aimed at academics would allow bibtex import and export, and we'd be done with endlessly hand-copying academic output to wherever it needs to be listed. I suppose that would be too convenient or something. (Academia.edu also has no bibtex import and export, by the way. A few other academic networking services can handle bibtex, but everybody in area studies and fan studies seems to be on Academia.edu. *grumble*)
  • Started work on the section on doujinshi exchange infrastructure, specifically doujinshi conventions. Not linking to wiki because the page looks weird because of a random baffling Semantic Mediawiki glitch. Nggggh. Really, I love learning new software, and getting to the bottom of Mediawiki myself instead of asking someone else to set up a wiki has taught me so much. But why does it always break. (Because I'm not good enough at Mediawiki administration yet, I know, but.)
  • Did a good deal of research on how to rework a dissertation into a book, sent inquiry to publisher to see how they feel about book manuscripts based on dissertations that have been published open access.
  • Agreed to submit something for Console-Ing Passions 2014, ruminated on good topic. Unfortunately too tired to ruminate properly today.
....I didn't sleep very well last night, can you tell. On the plus side, the heatwave in Belgium is over! Normal temperatures <3
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For those who were interested in the different meanings of the word "genre" in doujin fandom a few months ago, I wrote a Fanlore article about it. Needs some polishing, but the basic info is all there.

Somehow, the hardest part about making Fanlore articles is the math captcha that you need to fill in to be allowed to create the page. It's not that the sums are difficult. You're just done with writing, you think you can switch your brain off now, and then SURPRISE MATH.
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The protection and people's awareness of copyright are said to reflect the degree of cultural development of the country, and therefore, copyright systems should be understood by a wide range of people.

That's how the Copyright Research Information Center, a Japanese government-authorized "public service corporation", starts out its introduction to copyright for beginners. The Japanese version of that sentence is:

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Originally published at Academic FFF. You can comment here or there.

The online Japanese-Dutch dictionary (full name 'Japans-Nederlands woordenboek Waran Jiten') created by the Catholic University of Leuven's Japanese Studies staff and students is, of course, mainly a dictionary. But its wiki format leaves room for getting creative with the dictionary entries (apart from the obvious advantage of anyone being able to add to and correct entries). I've used the Japanese-Dutch dictionary wiki to create a set of steadily morphing Dutch vocabulary lists about media and fandom in Japan, which I plan to make into an appendix of the final Ph.D. Hopefully they'll be useful to any other Dutch speakers who want to study fandom and fan media in Japan. If you see any mistakes or feel I should include a term I haven't mentioned, please let me know (or make yourself an account on the dictionary wiki and edit the pages yourself ;) .


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