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New post up at Symposium:

How much money do doujinshi creators actually make? Some statistics from Comiket

I discussed such a tiny, tiny bit of that whole Comiket survey, and it turned into a monster post. I think I need a computer setting that starts blaring sirens whenever I type something longer than 2000 words.
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Comiket as a market for fanworks

Introductory post about Comiket, written for TWC's Symposium blog. Since most people have at least some idea of what generally happens at cons, I decided to skip descriptions of the cosplay and such in favor of focusing on how fanworks are sold at Comiket and how Japanese dojinshi fans relate to rights holders. That should be a bit more interesting. I got some numbers out of the Comiket catalog about what people earn by producing and selling their dojinshi (in short, the majority lose money), which I'll talk about in more detail over here in a week or so.
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Welcome to part two of this ridiculously long-winded Comiket report. Now that we've dissected the catalog, let's have a look at the general atmosphere of the actual con.

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Note: Comiket is an absolutely huge event, and it's going to take a couple of long posts to describe everything that interested me about it. I'm writing these posts first and foremost from a fan studies perspective, as part of my research, but they may contain traces of squee.

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