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Note: the blog post linked below is a joke, and I very much regret that pointing that out is necessary. Real academic publishing is so nuts and so close to this that I can almost imagine it happening.

Academic Publisher Unveils New Journal Which Prevents All Access To Its Content
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Yes, you get what you deserve when you ego-google. But since I'm building a career and all that, I like to check what pops up first when a grant committee or someone I might want to collaborate with searches for my name.

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Now you do!

In Ogi Ogas' proper academese, "Cullen consists of several female sexual “superstimuli” combined into one erotic concoction, like a sexual version of Oreo cheesecake." 

Yeah, apparently lots of people hear that, think it sounds like it might make sense, and still present this guy as a serious researcher. For those who don't remember Mr. Ogas and his surveyfail exploits, here's a primer. Commemorative icon:

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During the following month I will translate two manga ('One Piece' 13 and '20th Century Boys' 15) and an academic article, mastermind a week of various cultural and academic activities involving a couple of hundred people from six different countries (including two dozen university professors) causing mayhem in about five different locations at the same time, finish pics for Snapely Holidays and Snarry Holidays whose designs are getting more complicated by the day, finish two abstracts, prepare a junior class on Japanese culture every week, make an appearance at a con, and select the final fanfic samples for my research from thousands of candidates. One or two instances of relaxed social interaction with friends are also scheduled. Judging from the strange bobbles growing on the inside of my elbows and knees, I should probably squeeze in "defeat bubonic plague" sometime this week. I wonder if it's a good thing when the to-do list is so absurd that it just makes you laugh and laugh and laugh and want to read PhD Comics instead of worry.

In other news, the number of new undergrads starting Japanese Studies at my university has gone up by forty percent since last year. Forty percent. It's very nice to know we're popular and the new group seems to contain a lot of interesting people, but crazy increase in student numbers + no increase whatsoever in staff numbers = frayed tempers. Hats off to the Japanese language teachers who are bravely coping with the worst of the extra workload.
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“We completely understand the public’s concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population, but that is not our mission", or so says a company that's developing biomass-eating robots with funding from the Pentagon.
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Abominable in every sense of the word, but I think he looks pretty OK from the right angle :)
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...but perfectly fine here. I wonder if I could get away with referring to this as a marvelous example of intertextual fannish interpretation or somesuch. Haven't stumbled on any other HP-themed lolcats, but if I find another good one I'll definitely pass it on.
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