Aug. 8th, 2013

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  • Read those bits of Frederik L. Schodt's Dreamland Japan that are relevant to dojinshi research. Unfortunately for my ability to take this serious and quite useful book seriously, one of the first sentences I landed on was "At (the doujinshi convention) Super Comic City, however, I had the slightly disorienting but by no means unpleasant experience of being surrounded by tens of thousands of virginal females in their late teens and early twenties." (loc 480)
  • Added a bunch of sources on dojinshi to bibliography, tested various ways to import it into wiki. Am hoping to use the BibManager extension, but only if I can clean up the way it displays stuff (example of messy display).
  • Scrubbed some unnecessarily complex code from wiki templates and forms.
  • Finished reading 「同人界」の論理-行為者の利害-関心と資本の変換- (Logic of the fan community) by Nobushige Hichibe, now rereading to put quotes in wiki.
  • Added more presentations and publications to institutional repository while mailing to and fro with administrators on how to input things like translations of academic articles published in things that might be either books or journals. Apparently a lot of my output is weird.

Hoping to get more done tomorrow, today I tried to catch up on sleep and then friends came to visit.

...Tens of thousands of virginal females. Want icon.


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