Aug. 16th, 2013

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Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday, I fell asleep.

  • Added about 40 words to the list of Japanese <-> English fandom terminology.
  • Answered three calls for papers.
  • Re-read digital_humanities (pdf) and added some quotes and structure to the methodology and tools sections based on that.
  • Updated front page of wiki with a longer message in Japanese after there was a sudden spike in visitors from there during the weekend. Many thanks to Yukiko Yokohata for language-checking the text.
  • Made arrangements to attend SGMS: Mechademia in Minneapolis at the end of September. Hoping to see many people there who were digital only up to now!
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The Ada Initiative is having a donation drive! I'll be lazy and quote ahorbinski because this is what it comes down to: TAI is a non-profit that works to increase the participation of women in open stuff, including open culture initiatives like fandom and Wikipedia editing. These have just as much validity as open source and open technology, and The Ada Initiative's willingness to cross those streams is part of what makes AdaCamps, and TAI itself, so awesome.

ada initiative donate button

I had the pleasure of attending an AdaCamp for the second time last June and it was indeed awesome. As [personal profile] ahorbinski details in her post, the Ada Initiative is working on much good stuff for women in tech and open culture, and it's all extremely relevant to fandom. Check out their website.



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