Aug. 19th, 2013

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  • Added in more bits and pieces from my old Fanwork as a test case for open source cultural goods article. All done with that now, quite pleased/surprised at how much of it is still useful. I keep assuming that everything I think now is 80% different from what I thought two years ago, because that's how it used to be, but apparently I'm starting to stick firm to ideas. Probably what I'm supposed to do when less than a year a way from defending my PhD, so good.
  • Wrote bits and pieces of several sections, including the introduction, dojinshi as open source cultural goods, and the impact of viewing fanworks as open source cultural goods on fanwork-related issues.
  • Made some additions to the terminology list.
  • Spent ages fighting with the display of the terminology list and associated individual pages. I want to display links to Fanlore pages where I used the content on my own wiki, but the URLs won't show for some reason I honestly can't fathom. There's an underlying problem with my Semantic Mediawiki installation somewhere, because I made a mess of my properties and the wiki isn't even registering that there is such a property as a link to Fanlore. So it figures that it's not showing, I just don't know where the problem is. *cries*

Trying very hard to stick to a fixed amount of time for dissertation work every day, because right now I'm tiring myself out and constantly feel guilty for doing not-work things at pretty much any point in the day. (Not without reason, because I do spend a lot of time every day letting myself be distracted by not-work things.) I'm going to see if the Pomodoro method will help me stay on track. It worked very well for me for a while last year, but I slipped up and lost the rhythm at some point.


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