Aug. 6th, 2013

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I was going to put these updates on my Tumblr only at first, but apparently people might like them here too. It always feels like these sorts of quick Tumblr updates are somehow not substantial enough for Dreamwidth or LiveJournal, but maybe crossposting here will encourage me to do more substantial things as well. Win-win?
  • Organized references to prepare dojinshi research bibliography for publication on wiki, probably get to that next week
  • Read Market Transformation in Transformative Works: The Effects of Introducing Incentives in Markets for Fanfiction by Hannah Yung
  • Had long discussion with advisor about research progress and publishing a book, agreed that I’ll submit the final text of the dissertation by April 2014. Not the half a year earlier than planned that other prof proposed, thankfully, but still, umm… five months earlier than I’ve been planning for the last three years. This is going to hurt.
  • Gathered list of CFPs for fall conferences to submit things to - must keep self motivated to write thesis bits in quick succession
  • Spent over an hour trying to figure out university repository rules because I need to upload all my stuff there as well for a job application. Sent helpdesk a long list of questions along the lines of “can I submit *newfangled online format* please because I did actually make it as part of my research activities". I was very unimpressed with the repository when it was launched a few years ago, but now it's much better and more informative about open access. (On the less handy side, they now work with a journal lookup system instead of letting you enter the name of the journal by hand, and of course TWC isn't in there yet.)


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