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As promised, here's my talk from the conference Intercultural Crossovers, Transcultural Flows. You can see the presentation in Prezi form below, followed by a quick summary in text form.

(Note: this is just the condensed version of the talk, not a full speech text or conference paper abstract, although a paper based on this talk is in production and will be published sometime in the first half of 2011. I'll be expanding on this text in the near future, adding extra links and hopefully a couple of spinoff posts based on my favourite points of the talk.)

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This post is abominally late, yes, and I have multiple fine excuses, but let's skip that part. Three weeks ago the conference Textual Echoes: Fan Fiction and Sexualities was held at Umea University, Sweden, in the gorgeous HUMlab space. It was a very inspiring experience, and I've been trying to string together a million separate thoughts about it without becoming totally incoherent. This resulted in a mile-long text chock full of links that no sane person would ever wade through, so I'll be splitting it up and publishing it in installments. (Also because if I delay posting until the text is entirely finished, I won't be posting for another week at least, which would be a tad pathetic.) So, first things first -the conference in general and my reason for being there.

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A quick link to the presentation that kickstarted my Ph.D research, held at Kansai University last month. It's in Japanese, alas, and probably doesn't make sense without the talk. I saw a camera there, so I'll try to get hold of the video, which may or may not be more illuminating than the slides. I'm a fairly chaotic speaker.

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