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This post is abominally late, yes, and I have multiple fine excuses, but let's skip that part. Three weeks ago the conference Textual Echoes: Fan Fiction and Sexualities was held at Umea University, Sweden, in the gorgeous HUMlab space. It was a very inspiring experience, and I've been trying to string together a million separate thoughts about it without becoming totally incoherent. This resulted in a mile-long text chock full of links that no sane person would ever wade through, so I'll be splitting it up and publishing it in installments. (Also because if I delay posting until the text is entirely finished, I won't be posting for another week at least, which would be a tad pathetic.) So, first things first -the conference in general and my reason for being there.

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Next month I'm going to Sweden for the symposium 'Textual Echoes: Fan Fiction and Sexualities' (program and abstracts), where I'll be making a case for 'The 'open work' as a framework for the interpretation of fan fiction'. For those who are interested in seeing a coherent argument emerge slowly from a morass of disconnected gibberish, I'm constructing the presentation here. Abstract:

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The data sets that (will) contain all info extracted from dojinshi and fanfic samples are now publicly available; updates made to them will show up at once. These sets will be the basis for a comparison of Japanese and English-language fanworks later on. Links are in the right-hand menu on the main site.

The data sets are being compiled using Zoho Creator, a spiffy online database application that's easy to use and tweak for non-experts. It also has a good mobile interface, allowing ridiculously easy data input while on the go. Read more... )


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