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I'm preparing to move back to Belgium in a couple of months, and one of the things that needs to be sorted out is what the best data plans for smartphones are over there. It's been two years and everything is different. To my great annoyance, Belgium still hasn't invented the unlimited data plan; the most I can get per month is 2 gig, which is just low enough to make me worry about overshooting it and paying an arm and a leg for using an extra 30 megabytes or something. (My first experience with this came a few years ago when I visited my grandmother in the hospital. I decided to download her favorite CD from iTunes on the spot so she'd have some music to listen to. Grandma was successfully cheered up for a while, but apparently I'd overshot my monthly data allowance already, and my good deed turned up on my mobile bill to the tune of 80 euros a few weeks later.)

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Here's a short interview with Kal Raustiala, co-author of a very interesting new book called 'The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation'. Raustiala discusses how copyright is unnecessary in various creative industries. For instance, an absence of copyright protection encourages innovation in fashion, football, and cuisine. He also touches upon the (lack of) innovation in the music industry and the (lack of) use for patents in certain industries (paraphrased: "It's not reasonable for Apple to patent the rectangle").

The Knockoff Economy: How Copying Benefits Everyone (9min)
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