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The Ada Initiative, an organization working to support women in tech and open culture including fanstuff, is looking for a new executive director. The Ada Initiative is really fandom-friendly, and a great place to work in a variety of ways - read the job description to get an idea. Please spread around elsewhere, and feel free to ping me in private for more info about the organization (I’m on the advisory board).

Message from the person in charge of the search:

The Ada Initiative works to increase the participation and status of women in open technology and culture through an explicitly intersectional feminist approach. It’s a growing and financially healthy nonprofit. And it’s looking for a new chief executive — maybe you?

The position is full-time salaried, in the San Francisco Bay Area, $120K - $160K/year (plus relocation if necessary). The current Executive Director, cofounder Valerie Aurora, is looking forward to immediately transitioning to a new role as the Director of Training Programs, reporting to the new ED. More details on benefits, desired qualifications, and what TAI does: http://ift.tt/1va2c4f

If this appeals to you, please consider applying, and please feel free to forward, or send your suggestion to jobs@adainitiative.org! We’re open to candidates of all genders and of a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, from highly experienced career executives to people with limited formal management experience but a great deal of experience with open tech/culture communities and/or feminist activism.


Sumana Harihareswara

Chair of the Ada Initiative Executive Director search committee on behalf of the Ada Initiative board of directors


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