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The info on fan culture that's on English-language Wikipedia right now is lacking to say the least, and what's there on dojinshi is not very great either. My Japanese advisor is visiting for a couple of months, and she actually printed out the English-language Wikipedia article on dojinshi and brought it so she could rail at me about everything that's wrong with it.

Given how many people start and stop with Wikipedia when they're trying to find out what something is, having bad info on there is a real problem. Must fix! I'll tackle the main article later, but for now, here are a couple of short articles on some basic dojinshi exchange concepts:

They're very incomplete still, please edit further. I'll put the texts up on Fanlore too later.

I built them mostly out of thesis draft bits, and rewriting them to Wikipedia standards was a surprising amount of work. Particularly the "no original research" rule was hard. It says you can only state facts that you can source, no editorializing, which is very sensible in and of itself. But clearing writing of all editorializing, ummm cough academic analysis, was so much work that I'm not sure I can motivate myself to do this often. Maybe should figure out how to mark up text in the thesis draft so I can strip out the editorializing automatically for Wikipedia purposes.


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