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And how. From Michael Geist (he of the ACTA explanation video):

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Thank you to everyone who helped mail MPs or spread the word over the past half year. It was an incredibly long shot only months ago, but we did it. Drinks and nibbles for all.

People are already arguing that the next fronts have to be intellectual property reform and open access in scientific publications. Bring it on.

ETA: Via Reddit, a picture taken in the European Parliament today:

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On July 4, the European Parliament is having its final vote on ACTA, a secretly negotiated international treaty that threatens to expand the powers of multinational companies to police the internet in the name of fighting copyright infringement.

If you have a moment, please mail all MPs via the address europarl-all@falkvinge.net to express your opposition against the treaty. Mail address provided by Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the first Pirate Party*, who also gives some sample letters tailored to EU citizens and non-EU people who want to help defeat ACTA. (There's a picture of a shirtless guy at the top of the page. Just mentioning.)

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I need a "terrorist on the internet network" icon.

*In case you don't know Falkvinge or his motivations for founding the Pirate Party, he has an interesting talk about it here.


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