Aug. 22nd, 2013

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I keep forgetting to post daily updates because I'm working hard! I think. Pomodoro technique has been quite helpful so far, I'm definitely getting more concentrated work done during the day and don't feel so guilty about faffing off on the internet in the evening.

  • Spent an afternoon in the library with previous Japanese Studies dissertations to check how they handled everything from layout to number of pages to appendices to dissertation structure. They all do everything completely differently! Okay.
  • Made a rough schedule for finishing chapters.
  • Wrote bits and pieces of various sections that are by now too buried in the recent changes list to dig up again.
  • Rewrote my entire table of contents to make the dissertation more into a coherent story than a succession of vaguely related sections, and subdivided each chapter into finer parts. It'll get even finer in the next few days, especially the introduction and chapter 1, which I'm working on right now. All those subdivisions won't actually remain in the final text, they're just there to keep me on message and tell me what to do (since I jump around during writing instead of starting at the beginning).
  • The table of contents is now ready to send to various people and ask if they'd be interested in reading chapters. I have no more excuses to put it off, no matter how much I dislike contacting people out of the blue, especially in Japanese. Will start mailing tomorrow.
  • Answered another CFP.
  • Proposed talk at SGMS: Mechademia on dojinshi was accepted! See you all in Minneapolis next month.
  • Poster presentation at our uni's digital humanities summer school also accepted! Now I must obtain poster-making skills in a hurry.
  • Discussed dissertation schedule and book project with profs.


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