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My apologies for throwing out no less than five not very cheerful posts in a single week. I promise to be less displeased with the world from now on. Just a few quick notes about the new location of my research and fannish bookmarks:
  • My Diigo account still exists because it contains some collaborative bookmark collections whose new home is still being prepared. Also, there are a lot of links in various work-related locations going to that account, so I may end up just leaving it as it is. However, it will no longer be updated. My new primary bookmarks account is here at Pinboard.
  • The research-related bookmarks link at the right and on my profile now points to http://pinboard.in/u:fanficforensics/t:phd, and the new RSS feed is here.
  • Non-research-related links at the old Diigo account were usually private, including links to fanworks. I've decided to leave links to fanworks public from now on because I want to take more part in the fannish bookmarking fun - I only watched and never contributed on Delicious because keeping track of several different bookmarking accounts never worked out for me. So, there's suddenly a bunch of fic in my bookmarking account, but I expect that won't be a problem for anyone. People who follow this journal for the research updates will already be well aware of what fic is. The revelation that I read it shouldn't come as a shock. I'll be more careful about tagging bookmarks with adult content from now on.
I hope I can stick with Pinboard for a while. As long as its owner keeps sounding like he does in this blog post about the sudden fannish Pinboard migration, I expect I'll feel quite at home. Oh dear, that Pinboard/Fandom anthropomorfic is second on the popular bookmarks list now.

As for Fanfic.me, I updated yesterday's post and the copies of Fanfic.me-related pages with some extra info on Fansitepress.com, where Fanfic.me offers to host your "fanfic blog" for a price you're not going to believe (no, really not). Now I'm going to put this thing aside for at least a couple of hours and clear out my inbox.
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So, I got a Pinboard account and imported my 9843 Diigo bookmarks. All 3244 of my private bookmarks showed up as public on Pinboard. Confused, I took a closer look at Pinboard's explanation of its import function, which indeed states that imported private bookmarks will remain private.

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After I ruminated on why Diigo is probably not a good haven for fannish bookmarks, [personal profile] lian linked to this report. Apparently, Diigo has an algorithm in place that automatically turns private any bookmarks that contain 'inappropriate' words like 'sex' or 'sexy'.

This was news to me. I have no idea when this algorithm was implemented; it seems to be another one of those magic rule/feature changes that Diigo sometimes trots out without warning. I went to have a closer look at my Diigo bookmarks, and indeed, every bookmark with 'sex' in the title has been turned private. I never received any sort of notification or explanation about this.

The full list of bookmarks I'm not allowed to show the world is over here, and it contains links such as:
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Apparently the new delicious is not very useful in very many ways, and people are migrating. Many seem to be mentioning Pinboard and Diigo. I've never used Pinboard, but I have used Diigo intensively since 2007. It's a shiny service with a lot of very useful functionality, so much of it that I'm still not sure I can bear to leave it behind completely. (EDIT: Now I'm sure.)

It's not a good port in a storm for fannish bookmarks, though. I'm sure of that much. Of course all bookmarking services have their problems, and I don't mean to blow Diigo's out of proportion - again, the things you can do with bookmarks on that service are pretty amazing, and I'm still half in love with it myself.

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Diigo is cool in very many ways, but it's not geared towards fans and my experiences with it haven't given me reason to believe that they would understand or take into account the concerns of fannish users. Personally, I'd caution against re-building any lost fannish infrastructure over there.

Now I'm going to check out Pinboard and see what that's like. Talk about the AO3 bookmarking feature being expanded or even a totally new fannish bookmarking service project is really music to my ears, though.


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