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Hi, I'm Nele Noppe. Besides the occasional squee about A:tLA, I mostly talk about the cultural economy of fanwork and about legal, economic and cultural policy issues related to doujinshi and to fanwork in general.


Places to get info or updates about my research:
  • I'm in the middle of writing my PhD dissertation on doujinshi and post short daily updates about progress on Tumblr.
  • Unjapanologist's Dojinshi Research is the wiki where I'm drafting my dissertation.
  • This Dreamwidth journal is updated only now and then when there's something bigger to report, and I don't forget to report it - times are busy. My apologies for the sparse updates. Please check out the wiki or Tumblr for the most recent stuff.
  • Shorter or more incoherent things go into Twitter
  • Various notes and quotes for research that haven't been processed anywhere else yet are in an online notes and quotes book.

Quick basics: my PhD research focuses on doujinshi, Japanese print fanworks that are often sold for money with the tacit approval of copyright holders. I frame doujinshi exchange as a hybrid economy that straddles fannish gift economies and commercial economies. By comparing these fanworks with other kinds of works that are exchanged in such “hybrid” economies, like open source software, I’m developing a vocabulary for explaining fanworks as a sort of “open source cultural goods” that fit in very well with many other “open” movements today. Open source is already a well-known and well-understood mechanism for “non-professionals” to create valuable things for the sake of fun and community instead of for profit, while still interacting in a mutually beneficial way with the commercial economy as well. I’m convinced that framing fanworks as part of an “open” movement should be very helpful in explaining (also to non-fannish open culture activists, policymakers, and so on) what role fanworks play in the broader cultural economy.


Fic and art posts are usually locked and/or taking place on a tumblr that shall not be named, please drop me a note if you want to be added or find the tumblr. Blanket permission: I personally think that nobody should need to ask permission to make a new shiny thing based on existing things, be they fannish things or commercial things. Please feel free to do whatever you like with my fanworks, no need to ask!

Creative Commons Licentie

(Credit for journal subtitle goes to Ms. Anne Rice.)
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