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After the disappearance of 1984 and the no-gay-books-in-our-rankings weirdness, it seems Amazon has now decided it does not like fiction containing incest and is prepared to protect the moral integrity of its paying customers by remotely removing any naughty books from its e-reading device. I encourage anyone, especially gullible people like me paying Amazon customers, to send a message to the Kindle team via here.

EDIT: Got a reply from Amazon. "Occasionally books are removed from the Kindle Store for various reasons. We don't have any details about why a particular book may have been removed." Well, that was totally besides the point, since I was complaining about the removal of purchased books from customers' Kindles instead of just from the Kindle Store. Also, "We assure you that the books from your kindle will not be removed and you can go ahead and purchase the kindle content." THE books, meaning any book I purchase in the future? I hope so.
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